How to Make a Cardboard Box Storage System

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Update time : 2019-09-09 15:26:30

If you eat a destiny of moment supplies to department besides used to pretty no invest at a eternal storage system yet, you can compose your own from boxes and add to it because your collection grows. It's no the best, and strong system, besides it's flexible, simple and inexpensive, and that energy exist impartial what you're looking for!


1) obtain the boxes. if you can't discover them locally, emerge online. You can employ any measurements you want, because expect because four expect boxes (drawers) robe into one cubic box (compartment). Here are some suggested measurements and quantities:
  • 25 to 500 cubic boxes - 13 x 13 x 13 inches (33 x 33 x 33 cm)
  • 25 to 900 expect boxes - 12 x 6 x 6 inches (30.5 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm)

2) collect the cubic boxes into a shelving unit.
  • Cut the flaps at one side.
  • Tape the cubes together - front, help and side.
  • When taping is completed, put the completed shelving unit against a wall.

3) collect the expect boxes, which will exist drawers. chop out a square at one disagree of the box. Four drawers robe at one compartment.

4) burden your inventory at the drawers.
  • Write the explanation at the box. Then, put the drawers at accordingly that the order makes sense.
  • Sort the drawers alphabetically.
  • Alternatively, class the drawers accordingly that things you employ most often are at arm level, easiest to reach, and things that are less often used are lower or higher.
  • Slide the drawers into the compartments.
  • Use compartments without the drawers because larger objects.
  • Use moment containers to department moment objects. These are tennis ball cans. refrain with your local tennis association - you energy obtain hundreds of them because free.
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