LGP murphybed

LGP Advantage
LGP Advantage
·  Number of patents,leading technology
·  Take the lead in fast installation technology, Gas spring need not pre-compression,short installation time, high safety
·  Take the lead in adopting slow down system,safer and more humanized
·  Mute linkage foot mechanism,easy to operate, enjoy quiet space
·  Take the lead in launching one-finger series wallbed, only one finger can push the bed up and down
·  Take the lead in launching adjustable foot series wall bed, solved the difficult problem about making skirting board under wall bed
·  Take the lead in launching disassembly children bed hanging ladder, escalator,saving storage costs,reduce logistics loss
·  Take the lead in developing a more simple structure of multi-function rotating wall bed, shorten installation time, effectively extend the service life
·  LGP wall bed equipped with German high quality motor and blackout standby battery,without the need to worry about a blackout
·  Advanced inspection means to ensure product quality
·  The gas spring has passed the durability test of 50 000 times
·  The variety is rich, you can choose a variety of series
·  Strong R & D strength, continuous introduction of new products
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