Indian guest

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Update time : 2019-06-25 11:41:30

    On JUNE 21, senior executives of Godrej, a leading furniture company in India, visited the company headquarters and held friendly talks with President Jamee Liu to seek cooperation opportunities.
    President James Liu met with the visiting guests in the office and introduced the company's basic situation and future development ideas to them.Mr Yadav,Associate Chief Manager,also introduced the basic situation of the company, saying that they hope to enter the domestic market through cooperation with excellent enterprises.After the talks, the guests visited the showroom, technical research and development center and the workshop.
    Before leaving the company, the guests expressed their deep impression on Liu's excellent leadership, profound insight into the market, excellent management and market position of the company, and invited Liu to visit Godrej's mumbai headquarters in India to deepen their understanding of Godrej.

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